2016 Rocklyn Merino Stud ram sale report

Buyers at the 2016 Rocklyn Merino Stud on-property ram sale were optimistic, with a great season and good wool prices in play. 

Sixty merino and poll merinos were offered at the sale held on Thursday 8th September at ‘Elon’, near Greenethorpe. Fifteen buyers attended the sale, which saw a total of forty-three lots sold.

The sale was conducted by Elders and while the bidding was not as aggressive as last year, the average price was up to $1428.

Stud principal, Ralph Diprose said that he was pleased with the attendance on the day and that it was good to see both regular buyers as well as some new buyers at the sale.

There were two top priced rams, which were both sold to Trevor and Stephen Cooper, of DB Ag, ‘Myall Park’ Caragabal, for $2,900.

The first ram was a high growth rate ram of Severn Park blood, with a fibre diameter (FD) of 18.8, body weight (BWT) of 108.0 and eye muscle depth (EMD) of 35.0. The ram was also an Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) trait leader for its yearling weight (YWT) of 8.6 and dual purpose plus index (DP+) of 146.

The second ram (pictured above) was a large-framed dual purpose ram, sired by Orrie Cowie’s ‘Titan’.  An outstanding ram with a FD of 19.4, BWT of 111.5 and EMD of 36.5. This ram was also an ASBV trait leader for its yearling clean fleece weight (YCFW) of 21.2, YWT of 7.9 and DP+ of 158.

DB Ag took home a further three rams, for a total average of $2,360. Other volume buyers on the day were McKellar Pastoral Co. who took home eleven rams for an average of $1,282 and Ridley Bros., with seven rams for an average of $1,329.

Ralph would like to thank everyone who attended the sale as well as those who helped out on the day. Surplus 2015 drop rams as well as rams not included in the sale are now available through on-farm sales. Please contact Ralph Diprose for more information or to book a viewing of the rams.