2015 On-Property Ram Sale Report

Category: Other News

Rocklyn Merino Stud held its third on-property ram sale on Thursday 10th September at “Elon”, Greenethorpe.  The sale, conducted by Elders, was well attended with several new clients present amoungst the eighteen registered bidders. 60 hogget rams were offered at the sale, of which 54 sold at an average of $1305.

The top price ram was purchased by Stephen and Trevor Cooper of DB Ag, “Myall Park” Caragabal, for $4500. Sired by the high growth rate Severn Park sire 08SP30, the ram had a body weight of 103.5kg and Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) in the top 30% for Yearling Clean Fleece Weight (17.0), Staple Length (8.8), Body Weight (9.1), Merino Production Plus (MP+) Index (146) and Dual Purpose Plus (DP+) Index (150). DB Ag bought four rams in total, for an average of $2700.

McKellar Pastoral Co. were volume buyers, taking home ten rams for an average of $1375, including one of the second top price rams for $2400. This ram, sired by Woodpark Poll 120342, was another outstanding dual-purpose ram with a fibre diameter of 17.2 micron, body weight of 98.4kg and eye muscle depth of 34.5mm. The DP+ Index for the ram was 150 and the MP+ Index was 141. 

R.J., J.A. and J.R. Baker purchased the other second top-price ram, Lot 16, sired by Roseville Park 090014, for $2400. This ram had a fibre diameter of 18.3, comfort factor of 99% and ASBV figures in the top 30% for Yearling Clean Fleece Weight (19.0) and the MP+ Index (149). The Bakers bought three rams in total for an average of $1500.

Ceres Ag from Oberon purchased six rams to a top price of $2250, at an average of $1108, Chris and Sue Braid from Taylor’s Flat purchase six rams to a top of $1700 at an average of $1300 and John Burnie from Wirrimah also bought six rams to a top of $1800, at an average of $983. 

Rocklyn Merino Stud Principal, Ralph Diprose, was pleased with the sale attendance and results and would like to thank all of the 2015 buyers and under bidders. Graded sale rams are now available through private, on-farm sales. To arrange an inspection of the rams, please contact Ralph.