Rocklyn is a fine-medium merino and poll merino sheep stud

Situated near Greenethorpe in southwest New South Wales

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Top Genetics

Owned and managed by Ralph Diprose, Rocklyn has fine-tuned its breeding program over the decades, using the top genetics from leading bloodlines to produce plainer bodied sheep that are heavy cutting with a good early growth rate.

Adaptive Breeding

Sheep are bred to suit the local mixed farming environment, which has an average annual rainfall of 600mm, and to withstand climatic extremes of high rainfall or drier, dusty conditions.

Performance Tested

Rocklyn participates in sire evaluations to benchmark the performance of its genetics.

Ram Sales

The 2020 on-property ram sale was held on Thursday 10th September. To read more about the sale please click here. Surplus, graded rams are now available through on-farm sales. Please contact Ralph Diprose to enquire about the rams.