Inaugural Rocklyn Ram Sale a Success

Category: Announcements

The inaugural Rocklyn Merino Stud ram sale was held at ‘Elon’, Greenethorpe, on Thursday 12th September 2013. The sale, conducted by Elders (Young) was attended by many existing clients as well as several new buyers.

The top priced poll merino ram, Lot 8, sold for $1,850 to H.B. and V.J. Knight of Grenfell. This ram, by Charinga 080008, had a FD of 20.0, SD of 3.2 and was a trait leader for YCFW with an ASBV figure of 27.5. Lot 8 is pictured below with L-R: Aaron Seamon (Elders, Young), Trevor Knight, Barry Knight and Ralph Diprose.

The top priced horned merino ram was sold to A.C., M.F., T.M. and L.C. Knight, also of Grenfell, for $1,800. This was another outstanding ram with measured figures of FD 18.9, SD 2.9, CV 14.8, CF 99.2 and an ASBV figure for YCFW of 17.2.

McKellar Pastoral Co., Grenfell, were the most successful bidders on the day, purchasing ten rams including $1,600 for Lot 15, a horned ram by Roseville Park 090014 weighing 103.5kg and a trait leader for YCFW with an ASBV figure of 28.7. Lot 15 is pictured below with L-R: Aaron Seaman (Elders, Young), Stuart McKellar, Ian McKellar, and Ralph Diprose.

The McKellars also purchased Lot 10, a 104.5kg poll merino ram with trait leading indexes of 175 for MP+ and 182 for DP+, and  Lot 44 for $1,500 with a FD of 18.4, SD of 2.6, CV of 14.1, CF of 99.6, MP+ Index of 176 and DP+ Index of 180.

W.M. Hunter and Sons, Grenfell, put together a handy package of six rams to a top of $1,400, whilst E. and P. Dun of Wattamondara bought five rams including Lot 33 by Severn Park 030779 for $1,600 with a FD of 17.7 and EMD of 38.6.

Ridley Bros., Caragabal, bought four poll merino rams, all by Wallaloo Park 100904. Mr J.A. Birch, Grenfell, purchased three rams including Lot 50 weighing 111kg with an EMD of 38.1.

Ralph Diprose, owner and manager of Rocklyn Merino Stud was pleased with the outcome of the sale, where the average price received for the sale rams was $1,222.

‘I would like to thank all the buyers, under-bidders and others who attended our first on-property ram sale’ Ralph said.

‘It was good to see buyers equally interested in the horned and poll rams, given that this is the first drop of poll rams to be sold. It was rewarding to have buyers comment on the high quality of the rams being sold, with many looking to purchase more privately’.

Ralph will now turn his attention to private ram sales, currently being conducted on-farm.

‘I encourage anyone who was not able to attend the sale, under-bidders as well as new buyers to contact me to discuss their individual requirements as there is still a large selection of 2012 drop hogget rams to choose from’.  

For all enquiries please contact Ralph Diprose on 0488 436 332.