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The 2021 on-property ram sale was held on Thursday 9th September. To read more about the sale please click here. Graded 2020 drop rams are now available through private, on-farm sales. Please contact contact Ralph Diprose to book an inspection or enquire about the rams.


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2019 Rocklyn Ram Sale Report

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Despite another dry season for many of Rocklyn’s clients, sales were up at the 2019 Rocklyn Merino Stud on-property hogget ram sale, held on Thursday 12th September.

With a higher percentage of polls on offer than in previous years, forty-five of the sixty merino and poll merino rams offered were sold, for an average price of $1,431. Aaron Seaman of Elders Rural Services, Young, conducted the auction which was held at ‘Elon’ Greenethorpe.

The top priced ram sold for $4,600 to returning buyer CC and SM Braid of Boorowa. The ram was certainly worth it – a poll sired by Roemahkita’s ‘RJ’ with a micron of 18.2, body weight of 90kg and trait leading ASBVs including YCFW 30, YSL 10.5, YWT 8.1, DP+ 168 and MP+ 172.  Sue Braid, who attended the sale, was very pleased with her purchase.

‘He is a high cutting ram with nice yearling clean fleece weight and really appealed for his upstanding outlook’ she told Stephen Burns from The Land.

‘He is going to cut a heap of wool, which will keep the water out, important in our normally higher rainfall country’.

McKellar Pastoral Co. from Grenfell once again purchased the highest number of rams, taking home eleven rams for an average price of $1,218 to a top of $1,900. Other volume buyers included Ridley Bros. from Caragabal who purchased nine rams for an average price of $1,467 to a top of $2,200. TH. Cooper and Co. from Caragabal were not far behind with eight rams for an average of $1,538. T.H. Cooper and Co. also purchased the second highest priced ram for $3,400. Sired by Glenlea Park 011739, the double poll ram is an excellent all-rounder with a micron of 18.7, bodyweight of 96kg, YCFW 23, YWT 10.2, DP+ 173 and MP+ 179.

G.H. and A. Robertson from Junee purchased five rams for an average price of $900. W.M Hunter and Sons of Grenfell took home three rams for an average price of $867, Baker Farming purchased three new sires for an average of $2,000 and N.A. Roberson also took home three for an average price of $1,800.

Following DNA testing of all stud ram lambs in 2018, buyers were able to make their purchases with more confidence with improved ASBV accuracies and full pedigrees provided for the Rocklyn hogget ram sale. This year, there were marked improvements in the ASBV figures for Rocklyn with all but a few rams offered in the sale being trait leaders (at least top 30%) for DP+, MP+ and YCFW. A significant amount were in the top 10% for numerous traits.

Stud principal, Ralph Diprose, said he was pleased with the sale, particularly given the season, and thanked all the buyers and under-bidders for their attendance and spirited bidding. He added that he hoped that seasonal conditions improve for all and wished everyone success with their purchases.

Surplus sale rams and graded rams not included in the sale are now available for purchase through private, on-farm sales. Please contact Ralph to arrange an inspection of the remaining rams.