Ram Sales

Rams are sold through an on-property ram sale in early Spring followed by private, on-farm ram sales of surplus rams. 

The 2020 on-property ram sale was held on Thursday 10th September. Seventy merino and poll merino rams were offered at the sale, conducted by Elders. Fifty-eight rams sold for an average of $1,660 to a top of $2,800, three times. 

Long-term clients, T.H. Cooper and Co. of Caragabal purchased two of the top-priced rams. The first was Rocklyn 190035, a Poll Merino son of Bundilla 150009, that had Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) in the top 5% for YCFW (35.8), MP+ (190.5) and DP+ (196.4), and top 10% for YWT (9.4). He weighed 102.5 kilograms and measured 21.3 in the micron.

Rocklyn 190399 was also picked up by the Coopers. A horned son of Rocklyn 170021 with a micron of 20.3 and body weight of 94.5kg, he had ASBVs in the top 5% for YCFW and YFDCV, and top 10% for YWT.

Bill Mendham of Grenfell secured the third $2,800 high-seller, Rocklyn 190085 a son of Bundilla 150009. Weighing 100kg, with a 20.1 micron this poll ram had ASBVs ranked top 5% for YCFW (31.1), YWT (9.9) MP+ (192) and DP+ (203.3), and top 10% for YFDCV (-1.9).

Mckellar Pastoral Co. of 'Oakhurst', Grenfell, were the largest volume buyers, putting together a draft of 11 rams for a $1,655 average. For the first time, the on-property ram sale was live-streamed on StockLive with 20 viewers from four states tuning into the sale.

For a full sale report click here.  

Surplus, graded 2019 drop rams are now available through on-farm sales. Please contact Ralph to book an inspection of the rams.

Download the 2020 Rocklyn ram sale catalogue here!


Below is a sample of the rams that were offered at the 2020 on-property ram sale. ASBV trait leaders (in top 10% or better) are highlighted. 

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Lot No. 1, Ram ID 190147, Sire 160011( Rocklyn), Sire of Dam PB150026 (Poll Boonoke)

Measured Performance Data
FD 19.6
SD 3.1
CV 15.6
CF 99.15
BWT 101.5kg
YFD -0.9
YFDCV -0.7
YSL 11.9
YWT 10.1
YFAT 0.4
YEMD -0.6
EBWR -0.81
DP+ 160
MP+ 161

Lot No. 2, Ram ID 190304, Sire WP172070 (Woodpark), Sire of Dam Rocklyn SYN

Measured Performance Data
FD 20.8
SD 3.0
CV 14.6
CF 99.05
BWT 90.0kg
YFD -0.2
YFDCV -0.6
YSL 13.4
YWT 9.1
YFAT 0.4
YEMD 0.5
EBWR -0.48
DP+ 204
MP+ 190

Lot No. 5, Ram ID 190119, Sire 160130 (Rocklyn), Sire of Dam RP090014 (Roseville Park)

Measured Performance Data
FD 19.0
SD 2.8
CV 14.6
CF 99.4
BWT 94.0kg
YFD -1.0
YFDCV -1.2
YSL 8.9
YWT 9.2
YFAT 0.1
YEMD -1.0
EBWR 0.12
DP+ 158
MP+ 169

Lot No 10, Ram ID 190035, Sire 170003 (Rocklyn), Sire of Dam Rocklyn SYN

Measured Performance Data
FD 19.9
SD 2.8
CV 13.9
CF 99.25
BWT 94.0kg
YFD 0.0
YFDCV -2.9
YSL 13.8
YWT 12.7
YFAT 0.0
YEMD 1.9
EBWR -0.58
DP+ 198
MP+ 182

Lot No. 11, Ram ID 190219, Sire 170184 (Rocklyn), Sire of Dam R150092 (Roemahkita Poll)

Measured Performance Data
FD 19.3
SD 3.0
CV 15.8
CF 99.30
BWT 93.5kg
YFD -0.9
YFDCV -1.2
YSL 14.6
YWT 11.2
YFAT 1.5
YEMD 1.3
EBWR -0.67
DP+ 189
MP+ 175

Lot No. 20, Ram ID 190085, Sire B150009 (Bundilla), Sire of Dam Rocklyn SYN

Measured Performance Data
FD 20.1
SD 3.0
CV 14.9
CF 99.35
BWT 100.0kg
YFD -0.6
YFDCV -1.9
YSL 12.3
YWT 9.9
YFAT -0.1
YEMD 0.3
EBWR -0.42
DP+ 203
MP+ 192

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