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  • 2014 Drop Hogget Sale Rams Weigh In

    Following another successful on-property ram sale in September 2014 and sales of surplus rams exceeding previous years, Rocklyn will again hold an on-property ram sale. The 2015 Ram Sale will be held on Thursday 10th September, at ‘Elon’ 343 Barker’s Rd Greenethorpe. Inspections of the rams will be welcome from 10am, with the sale to be conducted by Elders at 1pm...

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  • New Livestock Overseer for Rocklyn

    Jake Nowlan has taken over as the new livestock overseer for Rocklyn Merino Stud. Jake, a ‘local’ from Bimbi, joined the Rocklyn team in January 2015 and brings with him a range of useful skills and experience as well as his incredibly talented working dogs. Jake has previously undertaken the role of livestock overseer for large sheep and cattle properties, ‘Big Badja’ and ‘Bobingah’, on the Monaro. He also shares Ralph’s passion for sport and, like his predecessor, is interested in dog trialling with one of his working dogs, ‘Democa Louie’, winning the Ultimate Stock Dog challenge at Taralga in May this year...

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