Newsletter August 2019

WELCOME to our newsletter for 2019.

With another dry year upon us, what else is there to do but
dream? I recently attended the AWI Shearing Shed Design
Open Day at Dubbo and was impressed with the design
that shearing contractor Hilton Barrett has developed with
the support of AWI over the past several years.
The shed addresses the concerns of all members of the
wool harvesting team including workflow efficiencies,
workplace safety, quality wool clip preparation and animal

Now we just need the season to turn around a bit more
so that we can get started on building our own dream
shed! Meanwhile, we have been upgrading our sheep
yard infrastructure across our properties, with a new
set of Stockpro yards completed at "Yarrawa" and work
underway on the ugrades to the sheep yards at "Rocklyn".

In other news, our Stud and flock ewes have now finished
lambing, with plenty of twins in the 2019 drop. Work
continues to fast-track our genetic gain through DNA
sampling and genomic testing as part of the MerinoLink
DNA stimulation project. Our sires are also performing
well in the two MerinoLink Central Test Sire Evaluations
that Rocklyn has been involved in this year.

Once again we will have a display at the SWS Merino Field
Day leading up to our on-property ram sale in September.
I encourage interested buyers to contact me to discuss
how this year’s Rocklyn sale rams can benefit their flocks.

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- Ralph Diprose