Newsletter August 2018

WELCOME to the inaugural Rocklyn Merino Stud newsletter. While seasonal
conditions across the state are poor, wool and lamb markets are on all-time highs. We hope
our readers have not been too severely impacted by the drought to capitalise on the current
market situation. We have been lucky at Greenethorpe - our crops and pastures are hanging
on; however, we don’t have to travel far to see that it will be a tough year for some.

This year, Rocklyn Merino Stud turns 80! I haven’t been around for quite that long but things
have certainly changed in that time. Our Stud has moved from producing sheep with more
development and a stronger micron to developing plainer bodied, dual purpose sheep with
fine-medium wool that are better suited to our local market and environmental conditions.
Our advantage is that we have done this through careful selections over time so have not
compromised our heavy wool cutters in the process.

In 2018 we are embracing the exciting and progressive step of DNA sampling and genomic
testing and we look forward to how this leading technology will fast-track our genetic progress.
Reports from two sire evaluations we are currently involved in have just been released and
the results for Rocklyn are encouraging. Our sires are performing well above average against
larger Studs and are trait leaders in several categories.

Our ram sale is fast approaching and I encourage interested buyers to contact me to discuss
their breeding requirements and how Rocklyn can help them genetically advance their flocks.

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- Ralph Diprose