2014 On-Property Ram Sale

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The Rocklyn Merino Stud 2014 on-property ram sale was held on Thursday 11th September at 'Elon' 343 Barkers Rd, Greenethorpe. For the second year, Rocklyn Merino Stud offered 50 rams at the annual sale, which was well attended. 43 rams sold at an average price of $1140, with the top price of $2500 being reached twice.

The two top price rams were purchased by McKellar Pastoral Co. and included Lot 27 with a FD. of 18.9, SD. 2.9 ,and ASBV figures of 6.7 YWT, 14.9 YCFW, and 143 on a DP+ Index. Lot 38 had a micron of 18.2, SD 3.2 and ASBV ‘s of 8.8 YWT ,15.0 YCFW ,and +0.9 YEMD with a Dual Purpose + Index of 154.

The rams were well grown with bright, nourished wools featuring many trait leaders for yearling body weight, eye muscle depth and clean fleece weight with all except one ram having a DP+ Index which placed them in the top 30% Australia wide.

The McKellar family bought 10 rams for the day, while other volume buyers were Ridley Bros. from Caragabal who purchased 7 rams and S.E. & J. Griffin of Grenfell with 5 rams.

Rocklyn Merino Stud 2014 on-property sale