Flock History

Rocklyn Merino Stud was established in 1938 by Campbell and Ron Diprose with the purchase of ewes from a Merryville, Boonoke based bloodline. This bloodline was continued until 1945 when Pooginook genetics were introduced.

In 1962, Rocklyn commenced testing all rams for wool fibre diameter and yield thus introducing objective measurement into the breeding program.  In 1970, management and classing were handed over to Ralph Diprose, who continues to manage the stud today. 

During the 1970’s and 1980’s more stud ewes and rams were purchased from Pooginook and in 1982, Artificial Insemination was commenced. Since then, semen has been used from leading Pooginook, Roseville Park and Banavie bloodline sires. 

Recently, poll merinos have been bred using semen from Wallalloo Park, Charinga, Poll Boonoke, Toland and Leahcim Studs. In 2014 Rocklyn registered their poll merino stud, flock number 601505.

We have recently introduced Rocklyn genetics into our flock to produce plainer bodied style sheep that still cut a lot of wool

Trevor Cooper, T.H. Cooper & Co., Caragabal.

Breeding Program