Breeding Program

Rocklyn aims to breed plainer bodied, heavy cutting sheep in the 19 to 20 micron range that have high fertility and good early growth rates. Emphasis is placed on producing a long stapled, bright, soft handling wool that is well nourished and has good crimp definition. Local environmental conditions are also taken into consideration during classing to select sheep/wool that will withstand climatic variances, as the annual rainfall of the local area can vary from 200mm-1000mm. 

My team found Rocklyn’s sheep to be large framed and heavy cutting, yet easy shearing

Jeremy Heathcote, Heathcote’s shearing.

Rocklyn runs 900 stud ewes as well as a commercial flock, with lambing in July/August. The 5 year adult flock fleece average micron is 19.3, with adult ewes cutting an average of 8 to 8.5kg. Fertility is a key attribute of the stud, with the overall ewe flock weaning percentage currently 114%.

Wether lambs from the commercial flock are sold off at 10-12 months old. The sale ram portion is selected at around 13-14 months old.

Classing of stud ewes and rams is conducted by the principal, Ralph Diprose, who has been classing and breeding sheep to suit client demand for over 40 years. Extensive testing (eg. fleece weighing, micron testing, body weighing and eye muscle scanning) is carried out and plays a large role in determining breeding selections however, visual assessment also plays an important part.

Rocklyn is a Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock, has been Gudair Vaccinated since 2002 and has Owner Declared Footrot Free status.

Rocklyn progeny have high early growth rates, giving our
feedlot lambs a market advantage

Stuart McKellar, McKellar Pastoral Co, Grenfell.