Rocklyn participates in sire evaluations to benchmark the performance of its genetics and submits data to Sheep Genetics to obtain Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) that further assist with breeding selections.

Rocklyn is currently involved in the MerinoLink Limited 2019 Drop Standard Sire Evaluation being conducted at ‘Ravenswood’, Yass. MerinoLink have recently released the post-weaning and yearling assessments for this site. Rocklyn’s entrant, 170184, was sired by Centre Plus Poll 307574 and is a trait leader with outstanding ASBVs including YCFW 33.1, YWT 12.1, YFAT 1.8, YEMD 1.4, DP+ 211 and MP+ 193. He has performed particularly well so far, being a trait leader for greasy fleece weight, clean fleece weight, FDCV, staple length, staple strength, post-weaning body weight, fat and eye muscle depth (Table 1). To view more results for Rocklyn Sire 170184 click here.


Rocklyn partipated in the 2016 Drop MerinoLink Central Test Sire Evaluation at 'Wynward', Jugiong. Our entrant, a Poll Merino ram sire by Tuckwood 091026, performed very well, being one of the highest perfoming sires (trait leader) for greasy fleece weight, clean fleece weight and staple length. He also scored well in the classer's grade (adult) and topped the clean fleece weight to breech wrinkle assessment indicating that our plainer bodied Merinos are still heavy wool cutters. For the latest results click here.

Rocklyn also participated in the 2017 Drop MerinoLink Central Test Sire Evaluation at 'Ravenswood', Yass. The sire we selected for this evaluation was horned Merino ram 120182, sired by Roseville Park 14. He performed well on both the visual assessments and measured traits. For the latest results click here.

For past results from sire evaluations we participated in in 2003 and 2005, visit

I have been classing Rocklyn’s wool for several years now. The soft handling fleeces are consistently high yielding with excellent style and character

Anthony Myers, Woolclasser.

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